Friday, May 30, 2014


Prioritize In Order to Stay on Your Journey


I am accustomed to say, “I will always have plenty of stuff in my inbox.”  That is true for me.  Thus, take this as permission not to have to pay attention to the minutia of life just because it is in your inbox.  Is it important?  Is it urgent?  Is it necessary?  Why is it in your inbox and not in your trashcan?  Our lives have many pieces inclusive of financial, physical, relational, and career but not limited too those four important categories.  Each category is clamoring for attention.  The only way that you are going to get important life goals accomplished it to PRIORITIZE.    What is the main goal in each of your chosen four categories and what is the three- step plan to accomplish each of those goals?  Develop a plan, PRIORITIZE the most important to you and then work the plan on a regular basis until you can check it off of your list.  Life is lived happier via the action or PRIORITIZE, PRIORITIZE, PRIORITIZE!   If you are not getting things accomplished in your life the big “P” word of PRIORITIZE is missing.  It takes time to plan, list, and PRIORITIZE, but efficiency and big bite-size accomplishments are the prize for Organizing and PRIORITIZING your daily, weekly, monthly and bucket list goals.  The idea of a bucket list helps us take an honest look at the things in our inbox and ask ourselves,  “Really, do I need to look at this three month old magazine?  Is that really how I want to use my time?” 

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