Tuesday, May 13, 2014




To ASK for what you want and for what you need is often very uncomfortable.  Somewhere along our life’s journey many of us heard critical statements like “You always want to much? “  “Don’t ask for anything that is not offered to you?” “How selfish!”  Janet Conner in her book, The Lotus and the Lily, offers a freeing perspective on this three-letter word, ASK.  Conner does not say it exactly like this but she implies that to not ASK for what you want and need is a position of arrogance and isolation.  The mentality that you can do it all by yourself and alone is a mentality of arrogance and self-absorption.  To ASK implies interdependence and a state of vulnerability.  Being vulnerable is scary and requires a certain amount of inner strength to allow someone else to see that you have a need.  To ASK is to risk being told “no.”  The question must be running around in your head, “ASK whom?”  Start with the people in your life?  Who do you need something from?  ASK for it?  How about work?  What do you need to be different there for you to be at your best? ASK for it?  ASKING is not a passive energy.  To ASK for something is present energy.  To ASK means you have defined what you need and how your life will be better, bigger, and more effective if you receive what you are ASKING for.  Regardless of your spiritual proclivity, ASK the universe, God, nature, or the divine Other and watch it come into being over the next while.  Be brave - ASK.   

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