Thursday, May 1, 2014




OWN your life! OWN your story! OWN your choices. What you don't like, change it or quit whining about it.  OWN your decisions. It is possible to gather new energy and direction in your life by taking personal responsibility for your choices.  Once you decide that you are responsible for the situation you are currently in, the hopelessness and helplessness diminishes.  As the negative diminishes, new life and energy seep into the dry spaces in your life and a sense of urgency is born.  It is almost like you say to yourself, "where have you been?  I've missed you.  Let's get started."  OWN today and make new choices.

Each time you do something for yourself today in a positive manner say to yourself, "Yes, I am OWNING my OWN life.  I made that choice." Punctuating the positive goes a long way to giving us new energy and support to keep going.  Remember those feelings you had as a child when you OWNED your OWN bike and then remember what if felt like to OWN a new car or home?  Let that feeling bubble up inside of you because as an adult you OWN your life, your body, and your choices.  Enjoy the pride of OWNERSHIP and show off the new You.  Enjoy the flow of energy and vitality when You take responsibility to hold yourself accountable by choosing to OWN your decisions and choices.  OWN the direction in your life and drive to your next destination with pride.

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