Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Clean as a Whistle! Now it is Your Landscape to Create.


NEAT is a word that may bring up emotional baggage for you, depending on whether you define yourself as NEAT or not.  Part of this coaching project is to help you stop  “all or nothing” thinking.  If you are a person who defines yourself as NEAT, then let me ask you if you are missing some of life’s Zest by bothering yourself with a need to be NEAT?  If you are a person who defines yourself as “not” NEAT or messy, what about that do you want to change? Admittedly the brain and energy level tends to thrive in a NEAT and tidy atmosphere.  There has to be room in your life for both NEAT and “not” NEAT to co-exist.   Today, allow yourself to tidy up one thing in your home.  What will it be?  How can you make that space, desk, kitchen counter, or drawer NEAT?  Just do that one thing and let the rest go.  Notice, how that makes you feel. Take a minute to write a paragraph about how your body feels after making a space in your home NEAT.  For those of you have a problem with being too NEAT, then go do something fun before you allow yourself to straighten up that desk one more time.  Notice how it  feels, and write it down.  The importance of NEAT is not about how NEAT, but about how much mental energy are you spending worrying about NEAT, one way or the other.  Give yourself permission to change and you will.  

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