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IMAGERY is not some new age abracadabra.  IMAGERY is a neuroscience that has ancient roots in many indigenous cultures.  IMAGERY when designed correctly and used specifically can help you accomplish physical and emotional healing in real ways.  In my book, IN A MOMENT’S NOTICE: A Psychologist’s Journey with Breast Cancer, I speak about the importance of guided imagery in my own physical healing process.  My story tells you how and why I became a believer.  IMAGERY is one of the most powerful tools you can use for physical and emotional healing and also to accomplish your Goals that you just set for yourself.  The fancy word for IMAGERY is psychoneuroimmunology.  That is the science of how and why IMAGERY works.  This is another tool that requires congruency between your Honest belief, your brain, and your body.  If your mind is saying “Yes,” while your stomach is screaming, “No,” then you have a dissonance that must be addressed.  Perhaps a journal letter from your stomach to you might help resolve the problem.  Congruency is the key to IMAGERY being effective.  Here are a few facts: Imagery ---

Guided imagery has to be designed to hit all of our senses as only 55% of people actually visualize activity in their imagination.  (Naperstack)

The International Journal of Neuroscience (Trakhtenberg) described how imagery elevated immune system functioning and how cell specific imagery affects corresponding white blood counts, neutrophils and lymphocytes.

In 2012 MD Anderson (Cohen et al) a randomized controlled study, showed that men with prostate cancer that used diaphragmatic breathing and guided imagery had significantly higher levels of natural killer cell cytoxicity, higher levels of circulating pro inflammatory cytokines, and higher tumor necrosis.

Names in the industry: Bell Ruth Naperstack , Bernie Siegel,  Stephanie and Carol Dimonon, Larry LeShan, Jeanne Achterberg, and Shakti Gaiwan .

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