Saturday, April 26, 2014




JOIN a group that will enhance the quality of your daily life.  JOIN a cause that will give you a sense of Purpose.  JOIN an organization of like- minded people.  Life is too short to live a vacuum of the little corner of your world. Get out of your rut by allowing yourself to JOIN something new.  Something new will feed you, nurture you, challenge you and allow you to learn and become new again.  Just because you JOIN something does not mean that you have to stay forever or that you cannot quit.  You will not know if the group, organization, or cause is right for you until you give it some Effort.  If it is not what you thought you signed up for then Tweak it or Quit it.  Use your noggin to make sure that the places you choose use your energy and feed your soul or spirit in some way that makes a difference in your day-to-day life.  The Joy of JOINING is a win –win situation, not only for the other person or organization but also for you.  So take a look at the many opportunities you have to JOIN and choose something.  I encourage you to choose something out of your comfort zone, something that will stretch you a bit and help you grow more into who you can be.  But, if that feels too intimidating then JOIN something really emotionally safe for yourself.  Just don’t let your life stat the same, JOIN something different today.

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