Friday, April 18, 2014




In marketing, sales people are drilled by trainers and bosses everyday on the importance of closing the deal.  It is important for you to learn to CLOSE the deal in your daily life too.  What problems are you sill-mulling over that are waiting for you to make a decision about?  What loose ends of projects you started are still waiting for you to finish? CLOSE them out.  Those projects are clutter in your headspace preventing you from doing other more important things that are meaningful to you.  Analyze and make decisions.  You can change a decision most of the time, but in order to change it, you must make it in the first place. CLOSE out things that need to be completed. Finish or toss them.  CLOSE out relationships that no longer meet your needs or that you dread.  Do a CLOSE out sale in your house.  Either do a garage sale of unwanted junk or go through and choose twenty things to put into the Goodwill bag.  CLOSE out the clutter.  CLOSE also means to block entry or to bring together ends of an opening.  Block entry to your mind from negative thoughts. CLOSE the door to fretful worries.  Once you CLOSE the door, don’t re-open it to the same situation.  Change your timing or focus on the relationships, household goods, and thoughts that you like and that are working for you.  It is okay to CLOSE. Get what you want and need by CLOSING the open ended situations in your life.  

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