Wednesday, April 2, 2014



Do you feel attracted to certain people, places, hobbies, or careers and wonder why?  I think we worry too much about the why’s of our lives and do not allow ourselves to follow that which attracts us.  If you have always wanted to play with stained glass but hear negative messages such as,  “That is way too much of an expense for the equipment. And besides what are you going to do with all of the stuff you make?”  Then you are allowing yourself to stop the MAGNETIC pull that is trying to get your attention to get you out of your rut.  The “WHY” is a three letter drug that immobilizes and stagnates you into inactivity.  

Allow yourself to follow that which draws you.  If you are looking in at other people’s lives and saying things like, “I wish I could be that….” then you need to stop envying the other and start creating your own MAGNETIC life.  Be more colorful, play with emotional connection, and allow intensity to be a motivator and not a cowardly lion in your life. Where is your yellow brick road?  You may not always know what is coming next, or what flying monkeys or wicked witches are trying to stop you, but if you follow the yellow brick road you will have MAGNETIC moments in your adventure in life.  Stop analyzing and start living.  Follow that which draws you and allow it to open up new paths and possibilities where you have told yourself those new paths were not possible for you.  (If that what draws you is immoral nor not a part of your value system…. of course don’t go there.  Go to a therapist instead.)

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