Sunday, April 20, 2014


RESURRECTION:Walk through your defensive walls!


The Twenty Minute Coach thought it would be appropriate to speak about the power of personal RESURRECTION on this Easter Sunday.  Each of you have experienced very personal crucifixion stories in our lives, but have we allowed those stories to debilitate us or create opportunities for personal RESURRECTION?  In the traditional story Jesus appears to look the same, even showing the scares from the crucifixion.   However, he has different abilities than He had previously.  You have different abilities after your own personal crucifixion too.  You have the ability to be wiser and more courageous if you choose to take advantage of your pain and allow it create a new you, a RESURRECTED you.  Your story is just a piece of the tapestry of your life.  It does not define how you “are” but it can help you create a newer improved you.  RESURRECTION would be pointless if we came back the same and the painful stories in your would be useless if you did not use them to RESURRECT ourselves.   One of the things Jesus reportedly was able to do after his RESURRECTION that he could not do before was walk through walls. In our psychological nature, we put up “emotional walls” that keep people out and equally separate us from others.   We do this out of our woundedness and shame.  If we allow the painful stories of our life to RESURRECT us from our repeated past and do things new then we can walk through the walls we set up between us and others.  I invite you to walk through a wall and connect with someone you have separated from and I invite you to use this RESURRECTION Sunday to do that. 

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