Wednesday, April 23, 2014




Wikipedia defines GOAL as a desired result a person or system envisions, plans, and commits to achieve.  Remember that our first G word was Go.  Then we covered the G words, Generous, Gratitude, and Gentle.  Now we have some very practical tools behind us to help us Define our honest GOALS and Develop a pan of Action to accomplish exactly what we want and it is only three and a-half months after starting The Twenty Minute Coach: Your Life A-Z.  It is a perfect time to explore what you really want and to set into Action a plan that will help you achieve the clear ways of exactly how to get there.  Next, Define your GOAL.  Choose not more than three GOALS, but choose one GOAL for this exercise.  Write out your GOAL.  For instance, I want to go on vacation this year.  Now answer: When do you want to go?  Where do you want to go?  How much will it cost you to go?  How much money do you have saved toward this?  Where can you get the rest of the resources to go on this trip? Garage sale? Overtime at work?  EBAY?
Now, re-examine your GOAL.  Is this how you sabotage yourself?  Is this GOAL accomplishable in the next year?  If not, what do you need to Tweak?  The deadline?  When is this GOAL accomplishable?  Set a realistic deadline and set a few small weekend trips to satisfy yourself until you can achieve your Defined GOAL.  It is not an all or nothing endeavor.

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