Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Rise and Shine.  Time to Wake up and Get Going


Yes, MANAGE your life in all things.  MANAGE your Budget. MANAGE your time. MANAGE your health.  MANAGE your life as if you are getting paid to be the CEO of your life.  Chief Executive Officer’s get paid big bucks because the buck stops with her/him.  The responsibility rests on the CEO’s shoulders the same as how you live your life rests on top of your shoulders.  In reality you are the CEO and the buck stops with you.  Thus, begin to MANAGE your life as if your life depends on it because it does.  MANAGE your life in all things.  Manage it for more joy, happiness, and peace of mind.  Create the assets you need to feel comfortable and safe and learn to live joyfully within your means.  What does it mean to MANAGE?  It means to Analyze, think, plan, Fit, and make Effort to have the life and lifestyle you want. MANAGE the way you approach your year, your month, and your day.  As a result you will have a life that develops a sense of purpose, peace, and possibilities. Boredom will subside and Adventure will ebb and flow around the edges of a Meaningful life that is well MANAGED.  Take a minute now to examine the quality of your life and ask yourself what will work better and more efficiently in your life if you, as you the CEO, are in charge of that area?  

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