Saturday, April 19, 2014



It is my impression that if something feels too hard or becomes too difficult that often the shame (interruption of the positive experience) makes us feel as if something is wrong with us.  “What is the matter with me that I can’t get this?”  The reality is that we can “get it” or re-direct our intention by being DILIGENT. Being DILIGENT is showing constant attention and effort in the project at hand.  Don’t give up.  If it is not working, go back to the A word of Analyze.  Step away from your situation and ask, “What about this is not working?”  “What do I need to Tweak or do differently to obtain my desired outcome?”Then move forward with your goal by being DILIGENT.  There is nothing wrong with you if it requires more work than you originally thoughtOr if the project or goal has to be re-designed or re-directed.  Either way, go for what you want by being DILIGENT.  Pay attention to the detail required. Do not get sloppy, instead, move forward one step at a time and by being DILIGENT and you will get your desired outcome.  Being DILIGENT is not easy but it is not shameful either.  So what if it requires more effort than originally thought?  Don’t let yourself off of the hook. Practice being DILIGENT.  Your only competition is you, so be DILIGENT in all that is necessary to be your best self.  Be DILIGENT!

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