Thursday, April 17, 2014




Tax season is finished and it is time to do next year differently.  If you got money or are going to get money back, don’t rush out to spend it.  Do something that is meaningful with the money.  BUDGET your finances, BUDGET your time, BUDGET your eating and BUDGET your break time.  Some of you get federally mandated breaks at work.  What are you doing with those twenty minutes?  Twenty Minute Coach says twenty minutes is a valuable measure of time that allows you to make significant changes and progress in your daily life.  What if you went for a twenty minute walk, meditated or read something inspirational during your federally mandated break time?  For others, breaks are important recovery times.  Mandate your own twenty- minute breaks throughout your day.  Pretend they are mandated so you do not have to feel guilty and do something to change out your day in those twenty-minute segments.  

Back to finances.  If you do not know how to BUDGET, Google helpful ways to BUDGET, maximize your financial situation, and follow a plan for thirty days.  Then tweak the BUDGET on day 31 and start over again.  On eating, if you want to change your eating habits and/or your weight, keep a food journal for one week. Calculate the calories and the types of food and Tweak it the second week and notice that small changes make you feel better.  BUDGET your time by Analyzing where you are spending it.  Speed up some tasks you dawdle at and carve out some time for something important, for instance Journaling.  Live life better with a BUDGET.

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