Monday, April 14, 2014




YOU are your most valuable resource.  YOU are kind. YOU are important. YOU are smart.   YOU matter and YOU count.  So, what are YOU doing with all of YOU? How did YOU spend your resource of time today?  Where did YOU  spend your financial resources today? Living with Wisdom allows YOU to live each day fully and freely.  YOU do matter.  The most important thing is that YOU begin to believe YOU  are worth it. Remember the words in the movie The Help: "YOU are important, YOU are kind, YOU are important."  Those words are healing words and it is not only important that you say them it is important you that YOU allow them to sink deep into your being at a cellular level.  When you believe YOU are in Important,  kind, smart then YOU begin to act important, kind, and smart.  When YOU act that way then doors that you have been to intimidated to open.   YOU will knock on any door that interestsYOU  and YOU will open and walk into any  door YOU want too, just because YOU believe.  Once YOU believe YOU  can do all things that YOU ever wanted too or YOU can Develop the necessary tools and resources.  YOU are a bottomless pot of options and resources.  YOU matter and today is the day that YOU change your attitude and begin to live the life YOU design.  Today is YOU day!

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