Wednesday, April 9, 2014



TOUCH is a perfect word to follow the word silence. TOUCH is an important part of mindfulness. I invite you to pay attention to the art of TOUCH today.  Look around your environment at choose three items to pick up and TOUCH.  Place the three items by your chair and spend your five minutes in silence.  Afterward pick up the first object and run your fingers around the outline.  Notice the texture, temperature, and feel of the object.  Notice your thoughts and feelings as you take time to get to know this object just by TOUCH.  Then close your eyes and do this again.  Do this again and see if you "see" something that you didn't see with your eyes open.  Repeat this with each item.  This simple exercise will help you be more aware of the sensation of TOUCH.  Reach across your table tonight and TOUCH your partner or your kids.  Pay attention to TOUCHING your pet.  Notice things that you TOUCH, things that are in your daily life.  What is it that you like about your coffee cup, your tooth brush, or even your face?  Get some lotion and pay close your attention to how you feel nurturing your body with gentle TOUCH all over.  Treat yourself to a massage.  What would life be like if you did not have the sensation of TOUCH?  Who in your life needs a gentle touch to the top of their hand? Do that the next time you are around them. Celebrate the power of TOUCH today.

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