Friday, April 4, 2014




Yes, it is okay to occupy the space you need and the dreams and desires you have.  Why dream if you cannot occupy them?  In this first few months of the twenty-minute coach, I have talked about action words that get us out of our comfort zone and into a mental, spiritual, and positive emotional space of action allowing us to use our own best resource, ourselves.  Thus it is time to move in and take possession of ourselves, our choices, decisions, and dreams.  If we are not getting to a space where our lives are producing what we desire, then we are not occupying the decisions that we need to be making.  We are wishing, but wishing changes nothing.  By now we are old enough to know that Santa Claus does not exist.  Thus, the only way we are going to get what we want is to take the risk to move in the territory we want and set up camp.  That means we disable negative thinking and enable positive action.  I mean think about it, positive thinking helps us feel better, but it does not get the job done.  Action gets the job done.  To occupy the territory (goal or dream) that you desire requires responsibility.  You are head of state and you have to delegate jobs to your brain, body, and spirit.  To think about meditation, yoga, health, is not the same as doing something.  To occupy is to act. To act is to be responsible.  You cannot occupy your dream unless you act with sole responsibility.  It is up to you!

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