Monday, April 21, 2014




Effort is a word that can easily cause guilt so we have to be careful with this word.  Many of you may hear messages of parents or teachers saying to you, “You just don’t make enough EFFORT.”  From my point of view EFFORT IS EFFORT and “enough” EFFORT is an oxymoron.  Most dictionaries say that EFFORT is a vigorous and determined attempt, giving the example of hammering birdhouses to country fence posts in an EFFORT to bring back eastern blue birds.  Thus, EFFORT is an attempt to do something that has a clear and definable goal.  If you intend to make an “A” in a class and you make only a “B” then is that because you did not make “enough” EFFORT or just the fact that you did not plan or Tweak your intended EFFORT appropriately?  When you are not achieving your intended goal it is important to Tweak what you are doing, not just doing more of the same, if it is not getting you to your intended goal.  EFFORT requires honesty.  Do you really want to bring back bluebirds or is it just a nice idea?  Do you want that “A” for yourself or does the grading system just not matter to you?  Are you pleased with your outcome?  If so, that is “enough” EFFORT.  If you are not pleased with your outcome then Tweak your EFFORT. If you repeat your same plan it will result in the same outcome. It is important that you decide what pleases you and what honestly disappoints you in the outcome.

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