Thursday, April 24, 2014




In the word Effort I spoke about being HONEST with yourself. The word HONEST is more than not lying, stealing, or cheating.  HONEST implies congruence between ones actions and words and how one actually lives his/her day-to-day life.  When I asked the question are you being HONEST with yourself, it is a bold question inviting you to soul search your motive for your Effort.  Is the Goal you set in the last word, really what you want or is it a “should” imposed on you from your inner judge; society at large; a family member; or friend?  If the Goal is not yours and you are forging ahead with it, I promise you that you will fail or even if you succeed you will not enjoy the positive energy of succeeding.  More than likely you will feel underwhelmed and joyless at your accomplishment.  Why?  Because it was not your Goal.  You achieved it for someone else. They may be ecstatic and joyful for you, but you are thinking, “what’s next, now what do I have to do to win your approval?“  Give yourself permission to be HONEST, very congruent with your GOAL.  If it is not your desire, toss it, at least for now.  Maybe once you give yourself permission to toss it then you will Discover that there is a larger percentage than not that also wants this GOAL.  You will not be able to answer that question with the naked HONEST truth until you give yourself permission to toss that which does not come from your inner most self.  

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