Monday, April 28, 2014




This is a fun word.  Know your limits.  Do you?  Or do you only discover your limit when your kid, partner, friend or boss pushes you one more time and you explode?   All of us have limits but most of us have no clue as to what they are; and as a result, end up tired, frayed, uptight, and angry because we are over stressed, over worked and over committed.  It is your responsibility to post your limits so that others know what to expect from you.  Perhaps you have noticed when you are driving in a new town and you have driven for a bit and do not see a speed limit sign and you get a bit anxious.  “Oh no, I wonder if it’s 25 or 40 miles per hour here?”  If you are going 40 MPH in a 25 MPH zone you are going to get a ticket.  So it is best to go a little slower until you know for sure what your limits are.  Everything and everyone has limits.  A LIMIT is a good thing.  It is not a bad, weak, or mean thing. A LIMIT lets others know what is expected and it is easy to co-exist in your environment when everyone knows what to expect.  It is important to spend sometime defining your limits in the various arenas of your life.  What are your limits at work, with friends, kids, or yourself?  Define them and begin to live within them.  You will be less stressed when you do this.  Just in the last A-Z I asked your to make a time-limit when trying to choose something different.  Great tool to try. 

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