Monday, March 31, 2014



Yep, it is KAPUT all right.  It is completely broken and useless.  How many things do you have in your house that are KAPUT?  How many pieces of clothes do you have in your closet or sock draw that you just need to take to the TRASH?  Yes, I said trash.  Don’t give your broken, used, useless, tattered clothes to someone else through the thrift store.  How tacky is that?  If it is so worn you won’t wear again with a sense of pride, why would you place it in a pink bag for a VET?  Those clothes in your closet that are too small or not your style or you only wore them once or twice, those are the clothes you put in the pink bag.  If you won’t wear it with pride then don’t give it to someone else.  Just because someone shops at the Good Will does not mean they are broken and useless.  I imagine your home is full of KAPUT’S and that those broken and useless things are taking up room that could be converted to a useful space for some of your treasures. Clear your KAPUT stuff out of your living space.  Make room for creative and clean energy.  If you hear negative self talk in your head, such as criticism from your mom or dad that says, “See, how wasteful you are.” Or “You never used that $43.00 potato peeler.”  Just remain on task.  Get rid of the KAPUTs and remind your parents and friends they don’t get a vote. If they can’t say something nice, don’t say it all.  KAPUT.  Those messages are broken and useless.

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