Saturday, March 1, 2014




I bet you were wondering when this “G” word was going to show-up?  Here it is and it is a very important word because without Gratitude, our lives become brittle; or we can become entitled selfish humans.  I believe as Americans we have a hard time with feeling entitled, somehow owed privileges that we really need to earn rather than just expect we deserve.  Being grateful or even keeping a gratitude journal where each evening you write down five things that you are grateful for during the last twenty -four hours will lift your attitude, energy and your self-esteem.  Gratitude helps us understand that life could be worse.  Gratitude helps us feel thankful for being alive.  Gratitude helps us respect our health, money, home, and other daily gifts that we so quickly take for granite.  Gratitude makes us happier people to be around and it also helps us like ourselves better.  Gratitude teaches us humility and acceptance.  Gratitude is a simple act of saying “thank-you” for another day.  Gratitude is saying thank-you to the server at the restraint that is hurried and distracted by their personal life.  Gratitude is a way of being gentle on this earth and taking our lives seriously.  Gratitude is living with a giving heart.  Today, I challenge you to name twenty-five things that you are grateful for.  Do not stop until you get to twenty-five.  Start with being grateful that you can see and read and that you have some electronic device that delivered this to your mail box.  Be specific, be deliberate, and be grateful. 

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