Thursday, March 27, 2014



Being gentle with yourself as you move toward change is the best gift that you can give yourself.  Being unforgiving, critical, and demanding will hurt you at your core. Harshness injures your soul. Negativity damages you at your cellular level, making your cells ragged and mutating.  Being GENTLE with yourself is an amazing tool for healing. And if I call it a tool, it will be more palatable for some of you.

When I suggest a GENTLE inner voice to a client, it sometimes makes them recoil in disgust.  That tells me a lot about the level of shame they have at their core self.  Usually, the words that roll out of his/her mouth after I suggest a GENTLE inner voice are “I am not going to be weak or a cry baby.”  That response often comes when I make a suggestion such as, “I know you are feeling disappointed with your choice right now and you need to have some alone time to deal with the hurt.” Verses a response that says, “Stupid, you did it again, you are always going to be a loser just like your father said you would.”  So, if GENTLE is a tool, just like breath work, journaling, affirmations, emotional regulation, and goal setting, then GENTLE is just another tool in your Coaching tool box.

If a situation needs a tiny screwdriver, a hammer is not going to be helpful.  So, choose the right tools for the right situations. A tiny screwdriver is necessity in all toolboxes.  So is the GENTLE inner voice or a GENTLE touch, or a GENTLE response a necessity for positive change.

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