Wednesday, March 5, 2014



True a Kingfish is a species of fish, but used informally it means a person of authority, a person of power behind any movement or operation.  It seems to me that we often don’t reach our goals because of our internal belief system that says we are helpless, needy, and dependent on others to get to where we want to go.  We buy in to this because it is the path of least resistance, takes little energy, and we end up sitting on the couch, watching reality TV shows, while feed ourselves toxic carbs that keep us repeating lethargic habits.  

The Twenty Minute Coach is inviting you to become the KINGFISH of your life.  You are the authority, the person of power, and the go-to leader that is in the center of the action.  You call the shots.  Today, to help you get started, get rid of things in your life that do not serve you.  Delete someone who bugs you from your Facebook.  After all it is your Facebook.  Throw stuff out of your closet.  Make a list of things to discard in your personal life such as your negative self -talk and your supposed friend that never calls you or reaches out to you.  If you are the only person in that friendship that calls or initiates a lunch date, STOP NOW.  Resolve not waste your time investing in something where there is no return on your investment.  Today take action and be the KINGFISH even if it is just for today.  Tomorrow you can repeat what you did today.  In twenty-one days you will have a habit of being the KINGFISH of your life.  

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