Wednesday, March 19, 2014



What is your heart yearning for?  When you took time to take a X-RAY of your feelings yesterday what did you discover about your emotional health?  What is missing in your life that you have always wanted?  This is a tough but very honest question because it means opening up to hurt and sadness.  Perhaps you have lost a loved one this year and your heart yearns for that connection to her/him again.  Perhaps you believe that you have never experienced love, real heart soul love to another and that you YEARN for that connection.  Sometimes our YEARNINGS are not within our ability to change immediately.  But sometimes our YEARNINGS can make us into a victim if we put a negative spin on them, such as, “Everyone else has a partner, why can’t I?”  It is important to explore our heart YEARNINGS and ask if they are helping or hurting us?  If you are not doing anything about your YEARNING then that is not helpful.  If you are going to grief groups and reading how to let go materials, you will get there.  Some days will be better than others.  If you don’t put yourself out there to meet other people you will stay alone.  Learning that you have choices even in the most difficult situations is a part of growing up and being a healthy adult.  It is hard and often lonely, but doable. Don’t ignore your YEARNINGS.  Sketch them out and do something about them or replace them with real possibilities.  I can YEARN for my youth, but it is not returning.  I can do youthful activities and feel young and that is a reality.  

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