Tuesday, March 25, 2014



Yesterday’s word was DEFINE.  Today is EMBODY.  Embody your desires, dreams, and goals.  Especially embody your happiness.  Happiness is not an illusion but neither is it a destination, it is a space inside of us.  We can embody it by giving it concrete form.  We want to spend our time exploring what you will look like and feel like embodying happiness.  Spend time thinking about how differently you will feel if you make what you see on the inside a reality on the outside.

Taking an idea, goal or dream and making it real is the act of EMBODIMENT.  Your brain and your body are connected and interdependent on each other.  Imagine in your mind’s eye a situation that made you experience happiness.  Notice that the mental image makes your face light up with a smile.  When you reach your goal or establish your inner space of happiness what will it be like?  Flesh it out.  Create a vision board of happiness.  Go through magazines and clip out photos of what your happiness looks like.  Glue those pictures on a piece of poster board.  Place the board somewhere you can see it often.

Later today revisit the board and really look at each picture you chose.  What does that picture have to do with your happiness or goal?  How can you make that picture a reality?  List three to seven steps you will have to do to make that picture an outer reality in your daily life.  Then repeat that step with each picture.  What you are doing in this simple exercise is creating space inside of yourself to embody your happiness, dreams, or goals. You are making the life you want real.

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