Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I don’t know how old you are, but before you read the rest of this post, get up and jump.  Jump up and down and count to thirty while you are doing it.  If you are physically handicapped and cannot jump, close your eyes and imagine yourself jumping.  Yes, you may become sad or even mad that you can’t physically jump anymore. Therest of us may realize that by the time we get to thirty we are out of breath.  If we don’t use it we do lose it.  

Our bodies desperately need our attention.  They need us to help be all that we can be and that won’t happen without movement on our part.  Just like your habits and intentions will not just happen without your attention to helping them become reality.  Action is required in order for anything to get accomplished.  We don’t get dressed without moving our body.  Our bodies are involved in most everything that we do throughout the day. Without it, we are in bad shape.  So jump up and down as an action of attention and commitment to move forward this year.  Nothing is lost.  You can move forward regardless of what the last few days or months have been like if you allow yourself to jump into action of doing what needs to be done to accomplish that which you desire.  JUMP now and get it done. Go back and re-read the word QUICK and start moving quickly toward those INTENTIONS that you so desire.

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