Saturday, March 8, 2014




Where are you headed?  Have you considered that your life is going nowhere because you have no direction or map as to how to get from point A to point B?  A life with direction, goals, dreams, and desires requires navigation,which is a science of reading a map and a compass.  If you are a big ship out in the middle of the ocean, that feels absolutely wonderful if the captain of the ship is on course and knows how to NAVIGATE this big vessel to its location.  But if a big storm comes and blows out the NAVIGATION center, sitting in the middle of the ocean is no longer wonderful.  It becomes frightening and scary because there is no direction to move forward.  We need to re-direct the NAVIGATION system.  Use our internal resources to know the four directions, get in charge of this aimlessly floating vessel with action, and a call to for help.  There is no shame in asking for help with NAVIGATION.  It is hard to stay directed in the middle of a big ocean.  It is important to re-direct your life’s decisions and choices often.  When your children hit a milestone, it is time for moms and dads to re-access where they are headed.  When a job becomes boring or a relationship painful it is time to re-access yourNAVIGATION and get things moving again in the right direction.  You don’t need to float aimlessly in your life.  Get help to move where and what you need to move.  

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