Thursday, March 6, 2014




Do something today to make your environment LUSH.  As Merriam Webster says: be lavishly productive.” You are the KINGFISH of your life.  Yesterday you discarded, tossed, and deleted unnecessary chatter in your life.  Today spice up you life with accents that highlight your heartAdd flowers, music, candles, and light to your space.  Be colorful in your clothes and add a special touch to your hair. Smile.  Bring the outside in to the inside of your life.  Create in ways that make your life feel fertile with expectation of change. JUMP into your life in a new way today, exploring the abundance of your blessings and gratitude, and allowing new opportunities to flourish by nurturing them.  Fertilize areas that need attention so that they can be all that you want them to be.  Dance, sing, make today count in LUSH ways that make your feel like, “Oh, yeah.  I want to be here now.  I like my self and my space.  I enjoy being alive this moment.  This is soLUSH that I want to drink in every moment of now.  We once had someone tell us that if we tossed some green around our house that we would highlight our art.  They were right.  We finally understood what those fake green plants at department stores were for.  What can you do today to jump in and add some LUSH to your life?  Brighten up and smile.

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