Wednesday, March 26, 2014




Yes, today you have full permission to work on the embodiment of your idea, dream, goal, and personal happiness.  What do you need to get it done?  How you cultivate, nurture, and strengthen the reality of your goal? To FOSTER your dream you must spend time with it every day.  FOSTER your dreams by spending time imagining the outcome.  Do not focus so much on what is missing from your dream but the finished picture when you have completely embodied your dream.
For instance, let’s say financial security is one of your goals.  You have to know specifically what that is for you.  After DEFINING it, you need to know the benefits of achieving it. List three benefits on how your life will be changed positively by reaching your financial security.  It is not that your bank account will be flush, but rather what are the personal benefits of being out of debt or having a savings account that will take care of you if something were to happen?  One benefit is an inner sense of security that you don’t have to worry when it is time for tires to be replaced on your car because you have spent time fostering a real financial independence.  FOSTER the outcome of financial security and focus the true benefits of having financial security.  Your life changes by making room for what you want.  Working a budget becomes fun when you see that saving money makes life lighter, brighter, and daily life becomes very pleasantly purposeful!

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