Tuesday, March 11, 2014




A quantum is the smallest possible discrete unit of any physical property, such as energy or matter.  The word comes from the Latin root “how much.”  As we are involved with the Twenty Minute Coach, our year of change, Quantum is the perfect word to reduce some stress.  I will bet 99% of my readers examine their daily life with what did not get done, how much money is not in the account, and how much more is left to do?

Today, I want you to practice thinking backwards from your normal mode of operation.  Look at your accomplishments today. Did you brush your teeth?  List ten things that you did today.  I am reasonably sure each of you did at least ten things. Start with the obvious, like brushing your teeth.  When you add up ten things that you did today notice what it is like to focus on the smallest physical act that you did today.  It is highly probable that your mouth felt better after you brushed your teeth and your body felt better after you showered.

We have spoken about gratitude and even the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal.  By focusing on the minimum amount of accomplishment today, you build energy to keep doing small things.  Small things lead to big things, big things lead to feeling better and better about your choices.  Focus on the minimum today and watch your spirit lift.

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