Monday, March 10, 2014




PRAISE is defined as warm approval and admiration for someone who has done their job well. Praise is a certain type of positive energy that is contagious. For instance, at the end of a singing performance often times the audience in stand-up and applaud for the performer.  However, if you look around it takes two or three brave souls to stand up first and then the entire audience follows suit.  You need to PRAISE yourself on a daily basis for the positive choices that you made today to get yourself where you want to be.  

You got out of bed and maybe you didn’t even want to, but you did.  Give yourself around of applause.  Say good job, you acted as adult today on your own behalf rather than giving in to the blahs.  If you are sick and you stayed in bed, then good for you too. It is not helpful to push yourself when you are sick because it only makes you worse instead of better, so congratulate yourself for good self care.  Make a list of self care choices that you made during this trip through the TWENTY MINUTE COACH:Your Life A-Z and praise yourself for better self care during the year.  By using PRAISE you are creating positive feelings that benefit your immune system and your action plan by helping you do more of what is working already.  PRAISE will increase you productivity and joy in all that you are accomplishing. You will get more out of yourself and others when you use PRAISE often.  

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