Monday, March 24, 2014




Maybe in retrospect this should have been your first “D” word, but if you are like me, often times I cannot define what I want because I am not clear enough yet on what is it I want.  So now that we are going through the alphabetfor the forth time, it is important to stop, reflect, and clearly define where you are headed with your goals that you set out when you started this life changing process.  You are being invited to explore spirituality, creativity, ritual, prayer, experiences, and metaphors as active ways to live your life fully and completely.  If you were to write a paragraph about your happy life, how would you define your experience of being happy right now?  If you are not happier than when you started this process something is wrong.  Something is still missing and you need to find a way to put your finger on it.  Define it specifically in order to address the issue.  So, give writing a paragraph about your personal happiness a whirl right now.  DEFINE what specifically is making you happy.  Expound and describe the state of your personal happiness right now and explore how it might need to be tweaked to make you feel even more happiness.  Go back to the word ABUNDANCE.  Do you have enough?  Are you living within your means?   DEFINE what your next step is for the next thirty days.  DEFINE your attitude as the KINGFISH of your life.  DEFINE what you have control over and what you don’t have control over with the changes in your life.  Let go of what you don’t have control over and move on.

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