Thursday, March 13, 2014



How do you define personal or professional SUCCESS?  Your definition will outline whether or not you reach SUCCESS.  If you say, I know I am a SUCCESS as a parent because my kids behave, make great grades, and are all in college with happy relationships then your definition of SUCCESS is defined by how someone else is doing.  At any time something can go wrong with outside situations that will bring your SUCCESS crumpling down around you.  Is Peyton Manning a SUCCESS as a quarterback even though he failed to show up in the 2014, Super Bowl?  The game was not a SUCCESS, but still his career will go down in history as one of the most SUCCESSFUL quarterbacks of our time because of his record of SUCCESS.  How you feel about your choices on a regular basis is going to determine your measure of SUCCESS.   Were you there for your kids no matter what more times than not as they were growing up?  Did you go the extra mile in order to be involved in life?   SUCCESS is a series of steps in the right direction even when there is a storm, an obstacle, a painful event.SUCCESS is measured by the steps you took, not by your destination.  SUCCESS is an internal thermometer, not an outside measuring stick.  So ask yourself today about your steps and allow yourself to PRAISE your personal and professional SUCCESS.

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