Monday, March 3, 2014



Intention is a word used often, especially after the book and movie, The Secret.  Intention is a powerful word but it is a word that also requires your buy-in. You have to really want it.  You have to be hungry for it, maybe even starving for it.  

Basketball is a game but the winners are those who want it more than the other team.  One game loss becomes a platform to get better, not a place to give up because you lost a game.  Intention requires energy, action, focus, and developing a taste for success.  It requires practice everyday at your intention.  It requires more than a vision board.  It requires action.  Meditation, visualization, imagery are all actions that bring our intentions to home plate.  Often meditation or prayer feels as if we are doing nothing, but in each of those actions we must invest our heart.  

Prayer is about relationship with “OTHER” and meditation is an action in “BEING.”  They go hand in hand for me.  Showing up to have tea with the Divine is a way of buying in to our INTENTION.  Showing up nurtures, feeds, enhances, tweaks, and sheds light on what our part needs for INTENTION to materialize.  Our INTENTION becomes real by us giving it legs, arms, lungs, and heart.  Our INTENTION takes us to where we want to go often effortlessly; as if it grows wings and flies into our life.  Breathe life into your INTENTION and dance with it.

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