Tuesday, March 18, 2014


These words starting with “X” are hard for me.  The lazy part of me just wants to substitute fun “F” words here instead.  But writing 250 + words per  blog the “X” words give me a particular writing challenge.  How does X-RAY fit into the TWENTY-MINUTE COACH?  Well X-RAYS are both helpful and harmful.  Thus we only want to use X-RAYS in moderation because the photons in X-RAYS carryenough energy to ionize atoms and disrupt molecularbonds that damages cell tissue.  This damage creates opportunity for mutant cells to break off and become dangerous or cancerous to the rest of the body.  Thus, moderation is very important.  The helpful part of X-RAYS is that they allow us to see inside of our body structure detecting harmful growths, fractures, and other bizarre things that might be going on inside of us.  It is important for you to practice X-RAY vision and attention to your feelings.  Don’t keep stuffing them and pushing them underground otherwise they are very capable of creating real health problems that will need an X-RAY machine.  If you take the time on a regular basis to look inside of your heart and ask yourself what is it that you are really feeling about your life, your relationships, your journey, and your self then you will benefit from feeling more alive, less fearful, and more excited about all of the potential you have in your daily life.  So look inside on a regular basis and check out what is going on in your heart.

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