Sunday, May 11, 2014


Westcott Wood Yardstick, 36"                         Westcott Wood Yardstick, 36" 

A YARDSTICK is commonly a flat wooden stick measuring a yard (3 feet) and subdivided by 1/8  or sometimes 1/16 inches throughout its length for measurement.  Sometimes it is easy to get focused on the full yard and forget that every small effort of a 1/8 or 1/16 of an inch helps us achieve our goal.  Thus, when measuring your progress do not allow yourself to slip into an all or nothing mentality.  Don’t focus on your lack of success; focus on the 1/16  inch of success along the way.  Maybe you have not reached the full YARDSTICK of accomplishment but maybe you are 1 and ¾ of the way to the full 36 inches that a YARDSTICK measures.  When we focus on the positive it builds our morale and energy and it becomes easier to say I can do another sixteenth of an inch right now.  Tomorrow I can do a full inch.  Inch-by-inch I will reach my goal.  This is a good time to re-evaluate your success and the definition of your goal.  It is not enough to say I am going to eat healthier.  It is important to have a healthy daily eating plan and then it will be easier to measure the YARDSTICK of your success.  Once one Yard has been accomplished then the YARDSTICK gets moved and your start on the second YARDSTICK.  Interior designers depend on YARDSTICKS to help them furnish a room perfectly.  Think of yourself as the interior designer of your life and focus on the “look” you want to accomplish with the YARDSTICK of your life. 

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