Sunday, May 4, 2014




RIGOROUS seems to be the right R word to follow Own, Pride, and Quality.  RIGOROUS is defined as meticulous, exacting, scrupulous, demanding, and painstaking as well as many more synonyms.  Are you ready to step up in your life and Develop a RIGOROUS exploration of your life? Choose one goal you want to get RIGOROUS about and start changing it.  Some changes take a clear focus and painstaking plan that you must execute RIGOROUSLY in order to produce the change you want.  Old habits are really hard to break and the messages that those habits send fill your unconscious relentlessly.  You might often experience success and then immediately sabotage yourself by over-sleeping, speeding, or losing something very important.  Next your negative self-talk takes over and beats you up and your fortitude diminishes.  But with RIGOROUS attention to detail, determination, and attending to the goals of your dreams and passion, you will be back on track.  Be RIGOROUS and go forward with leaps and jumps.  Being RIGOROUS requires strength, courage, and determination.  Being RIGOROUS is not for sissies.  Being RIGOROUS is for the serious and those that really are being honest with his/herself!  How bad do you really want if?  If you really don't want it, then please do yourself a favor and let it go, toss that goal to the abyss.  Only be RIGOROUS about things that really matter.  Do not set yourself up for disappointment or failure.  Be RIGOROUS in real matters of your heart. 

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