Saturday, February 15, 2014


Tradition is something that builds connection and internal affluence.  What are some of the traditions (stories, actions, rituals, thinking) that you practice today from your parents or grandparents?  Do you have new traditions that you have created in your adult life or the current relationship you are in?   I encourage you to start a tradition.  It does not have to be big, elaborate, or troublesome.   Allow it to be significant enough to produce positive feelings inside of you when you think about doing it and when you remember doing it.  
The easiest tradition to start is something that only you have to participate in.  For instance, if you were start a tradition for celebrating your birthday that is something you can do every year from this day forward, what would it be?  The only difference between a ritual and a tradition is that a tradition is something that you keep remembering and repeating as way of building positive blue prints in your daily and annual life.   A ritual may be completed often and regularly or it may be something that you only do once, such as baptism.  Tradition lives on forever and sometimes even after you are long gone. 

This word deserves your reflective time, planning and preparation as you examine what it is inside of that you want to add to your life on a regular basis that will become a meaningful tradition.  Matter of fact it may take a few times of experimenting with what tradition really nourishes, feeds, and helps you feel positive.  What tradition do you want to start?

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