Friday, February 14, 2014


There are many definitions of the word strength.  When you first saw the word this morning what images came up in your mind?  For me, strength needs to take a positive connotation. Unfortunately, the first word that comes with strength is Core Strength.  I judge myself harshly for not having core strength and not enjoying any of the exercises one must do to obtain core strength.  Thus I set up a self-defeating pattern and usually stay stuck.  In order to have core strength one must work at it. Core strength provides us with stability, flexibility, and balance.  The core is so important to our ability to stay active and mobile as we age.  Core provides us with grace of movement.  It gives us the ability to move with intensity.  Intensity creates space and energy allowing us to accomplish goals, projects, and dreams.  Having our core strength in shape helps usmaintain good health, good posture, and an agility to accomplish things we once thought impossible.  Thus, the theme of nurturance, mindfulness, possibilities, are helpful in working at something that will bring good to our lives even though we are not crazy to go after it with Zest.  What are you willing to do to strengthen those areas of your life that will bring you positive outcomes even though they are not pleasant or exciting to do?  I am willing to lift upper body weights three times a week and I enjoy planking.  So I do that, nothing more, nothing less.  When I hear my critic on my back, I say,  I have done my commitment to myself.  Make small goals so that you can succeed.  

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