Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Clearly you saw possibilities coming right after the powerful word Option. Options create choices; choices create possibilities.  Think about a flow chart.  Say over the past few months or weeks you have been thinking about going on a vacation.  First you must decide what your options are.  How much time do you have?  How much money do you have in your vacation budget?   What is it that you are wanting to accomplish on this vacation?  Do you want to relax and read?  Do you want to learn a new sport or polish up on an old favorite, like golf or fishing?  Those questions are defining your options.  

Let's say you have $1500 dollars set aside for a seven day vacation.  During that time your goal is to be active and relax.  Your resources create your possibilities.  Do not let yourself focus on the negatives of only $1500 for seven days which is only around $212.00 a day.  Accept that fact and run with it.  Wow, I have a budget of $212.00 a day if I fly somewhere for $350.00 round trip than I have a budget of $165.00 a day.  Where can I go for $350.00 round trip and what sort of accommodations can I acquire that will allow me to hike, walk, sight see, do yoga and read?  Or if I do a road trip instead, how far can I go on my daily budget of $212.00 and how much fun can I pack into that trip?  I don't know about you, but just writing this makes me want to get on the internet and plan a seven day vacation within this budget and see what fun I can have.  Possibilities are so much fun.

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