Friday, February 7, 2014


Do you have an inner Statute of Liberty?  Do you allow yourself the freedom to choose what you believe is best for you?  Are there decisions in your life that do not fit for you but you made them to keep someone else happy or because you felt you were not strong enough to stand on your own?  At the feet of the Statute are broken shackles representing her freedom from tyranny and oppression.  

Two days ago, I wrote about Justice.  Sit with that part of you that you let out of prison two days ago and reflect on how you are learning to make choices in your best interest.  What personal freedom or freedoms do you deny yourself just because your feet are still in shackles of shame?  Stand up straight.  Raise your hand to the sky and declare you own freedom to make choices.  List three things you want to be free to do, but either someone else’s opinion, fear of failure, or lack of confidence hold you back.  

Now, that you have three things on your list, circle one and go for it.  You are free to choose.  You have individual rights that say you have a right to your opinion, free speech, and pursuit of happiness. It is all yours for the taking.  Step into your life and move forward toward the goals, aspirations, and personal desires.  It is yours.  Claim it today.

 Photo talked from Statute of Liberty's National Park site. 

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