Thursday, February 27, 2014



In the dictionary, eager is defined as very excited and interested.  There we are back to that word, “interest” again.  Remember, if we have no interest in something or even a project that we must do, the likely hood of it getting done or at least done well is low.  What interests you enough to create a sense of eagerness, a desire to get started and get it accomplished?  

Eager has an active energy built within it that exudes a sense of excitement.  If you have a vacation planned, you are eager to go.  You prepare during the waiting period by reading about the places of interest at your destination, maybe you choose clothes to pack based on predicted weather, and you may even find yourself buying new clothes just because it is a vacation.  However, the reality is that vacations may only happen once a year, if that.  Thus, how are you going to incorporate eagerness into your daily life?  Did you take the time yesterday to write down your top three desires?  Choose one of those today and ask yourself, “What do I need to do to be eager to accomplish this?”  Perhaps you are realizing you don’t have enough information about your desire.  Perhaps you are running into the what-if’s.  You might even be unconsciously sabotaging yourself.   

Today, do something to get out of your funk and fan the fire of eagerness to get you started on your way.  Eager is willing and ready to get on board.  The funk you have been in needs “Eager’s” help.  Picture Eager is a little elf sitting on your shoulder singing happy songs; allowing your energy to stir, and movement toward your goal progress today.  

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