Thursday, February 13, 2014



Wow, for a few days now we have been doing tons of work.  Today is a day to rest and do nothing.  Isn't that interesting that we call resting doing nothing?  That simply is not true. Resting is work.  Resting requires that one stop.  Stopping for the Western Mind is painful work.  Somewhere our Columbus DNA genetics of wanting more, discovering more, seeing and knowing more, keep us in perpetual motion.  If there were no Americas between Europe and India for Columbus to rest, he and his crew would have died at sea.  

It is so important to rest.  Look at your calendar right now.  Look at the month.  Choose one day and mark it completely off.  Do not allow anyone or anything to get in our way of REST.  Make no lunch or hiking dates.  Do not schedule laundry, dusting or grocery shopping.  The night before that day turn off the alarm clock and put your watch in the draw.  But all technology devices away and turn them off. Pretend IpadsIphones, and x-boxes do not exist.  In the morning get up when you are ready.  Stretch your body.  Reach for the stars in sky and press down into the earth below your feet.  Do whatever it is that comes next on this day of rest.  Enjoy noticing what it is that you enjoy.  Do you really like the coffee you are drinking or is it a habit?  Do you want to walk outside or curl up with a book? At the end of the day write about how hard this day was to do nothing scheduled and listen to what you learn.

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