Wednesday, February 19, 2014


How appropriate that xebec follows warrior.  A xebec is a three sail, sailing vessel used mostly in the Mediterranean as trading vessels.  They had little depth and often used oars to help them propel fast through the waters.  Thus, they had a versatile ability to adapt to the weather and wind conditions.  The xebec’s long overhand gave it the appearance of looking larger than it actually was.  In the days of trading, pirates would come out of nowhere, attempting to overpower the vessels but the crew were well equipped with guns to protect themselves from those who did not work to get the useful articles of trade aboard the vessels.  

The warrior you created yesterday wants to stand guard on your xebec and make sure that those pirates and scavengers that try to board your ship are booted off and you can sail fearlessly into the dreams you are creating.  You have precious articles of trade aboard you xebec and you need help of the inner warrior to protect them.  You trade your time; energy and talent for the pay check your boss gives out.  That is your value to the work environment and it needs to be honored.  Your patience, discipline, and love that you give your children are your precious articles of trade and you deserve respect and appreciation in return.  Your gifts of friendship and empathy deserve fair trade in your relationships.  Do not let lazy pirates take away all the joy you have traded so hard for.  Let your inner warrior stand guard so you can move fast and furious in your xebec.  

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