Monday, February 3, 2014



There is some science to the fact that more generous people are happier than stingy, self-serving folks. Being generous means to give more of something than what is expected.  It does not have to be money. It can be time, your presence, your kindness, even your smile to someone in distress. So, in this Twenty-Minute Coaching Blog ask yourself the honest question about your own generous nature.  How have you been generous this week?  What acts do you consider generous?  If you are suffering with “unhappiness” perhaps you need to examine how you can increase your happiness by increasing your generosity?  While you are examining your generous nature with others it is more important to ask yourself, how generous are you with yourself?  If you are walking around being critical of yourself and bullying your actions, thoughts, and feelings by negative voices within, I can bet you are not happy.  Constant negativity breaks down our immune system, and creates health and emotional problems that are completely unnecessary if you learn to be kind and generous with yourself. After all, aren’t you doing the best you can?  If not, then put some energy into changing the things that you don’t like and learn to love what you accomplish, verses what is left undone.  Focusing on the positive will make you happier and as a result you will be more generous by nature.  In the meantime practice being generous everyday this month with acts of kindness, presence, time, and positive attitude.

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