Tuesday, September 16, 2014




There are several diverse meanings to the word LEAD.  LEAD the way means get out in front and show others how to do something or how to get to a certain destination.  LEAD also means to be in charge of or governing something.  To have the LEAD means that one is in first place or ahead of someone, especially in the context of a sporting event.  Sometimes the word is used in a positive sense about one’s character, such as he or she is a LEADER.  Then there is the pejorative sense; he or she is a follower.  This is often used when a child is following the wrong crowd.  What is it that you need to be taking the LEAD in?  What are you sitting on and waiting for someone else to do it for you?  How do you LEAD your daily life?  How do you map out your day to make today count?  LEAD the way in your life.  Do not follow someone else and stay passive on issues that matter about your life.  LEAD the way.  Change what is not working by LEADING yourself to new pathways and trying new approaches.  Just because something has not worked before does not mean that one more try won’t be the answer or LEAD the way with something different.  If there is something you have wanted to try or to do, quit sitting back.  Get up and LEAD the way to making it happen.  You are the captain of your destiny, so LEAD.

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