Saturday, September 13, 2014



Now allow the science discovery of yesterday, to INSPIRE you today.  If you are connected to everyone else and you begin to act like each action you take really matters, then be INSPIRED to make a difference today.  INSPIRATION is the energy that motivates change and creativity.  Perhaps, you have been one of those wallflowers sitting in the back row waiting for someone else to do something good for the world. Well, what about you?  Get up out of the shadows and go make a difference today.  Yes. Right now.  Be INSPIRED and INSPIRE others.  Allow yourself to feel good down to the bones of your soul by getting out of your rut and help someone else today.  Go back through the TWENTY-MINUTE COACH’s blog and re-read blogs like pay it forward, compassion, action, and other words that INSPIRE you to take action for the good of others today.  Turn on some music and move toward the INSPIRATION within.  Open your eyes and see the needs of others around you and be INSPIRED to meet those needs.  Get out of your backyard of misery and give to someone else.  That action will INSPIRE you to keep moving forward in your life, because you begin to realize you matter.  Why do people sing in choirs?  I believe people sing in choirs because it makes him/her feel good.  Those feel good feelings radiate out of those voices to the listening public.  Both choir and audience are INSPIRED by what they hear.  Do something with that INSPIRED feel good feeling today.

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