Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Get your ZEUS on!  ZEUS was the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods in Greek mythology.  He was known as the lord of the sky and the rain god and his weapon was a thunderbolt.  ZEUS, in his deity, was an advocate for the underdog and a thunderous presence against the bad guys.  If you recognized the ZEUS power within you, you too could be an advocate for those around you.  As ZEUS you could advocate for positive change because you have a passion for certain things to change.  As ZEUS you can act on your own behalf and use ZEUS like thunder to accomplish change in your own life.  ZEUS was the god of the sky thus it gave him great perspective on all that he viewed.  ZEUS used his perspective with wisdom.  When you have a perspective on something that could make a situation better do you use it or do you remain silent?  Or are you easily discouraged when others criticize your idea or ask difficult questions?  ZEUS found answers for difficult questions and was never discouraged by criticism.  His inner passion moved him to action in powerful ways and the other gods respected him.  Some gods feared him and stayed out of his way.  Other gods were jealous of his power and sought to fight him, but ZEUS prevailed.  ZEUS was a wise warrior and lived his life according to that wisdom.  You can too.

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