Saturday, September 20, 2014


PATIENCE is described as the ability to accept suffering, hardships, delays or other intolerable situations without getting upset.  I think that definition is what the writer thinks PATIENCE should be, but not exactly what PATIENCE is.  PATIENCE is what you train yourself to practice while dealing with suffering, hardships, delays and intolerable situations or people.  Practicing PATIENCE is finding yourself really angry at a situation, such as a driver who cuts you off in traffic.  PATIENCE is that big exhaling breath that you take before you toss your middle finger up or push your foot on the gas.  PATIENCE says, “Now that was not nice of that jerk ahead of you, but don’t reduce yourself to be a jerk like him or her. PATIENCE is the practice of breathing in and out and counting to ten or to a hundred if need be.  PATIENCE is the art of stopping yourself from saying something mean when you have been hurt. PATIENCE is the ability to place yourself in someone else’s shoes and say, “Maybe they are having a really bad day.  Let’s cut them a break.”  PATIENCE is an action word not a passive position.  PATIENCE is not being mute nor allowing yourself to be walked on.  PATIENCE is diplomacy when negotiating.  PATIENCE is thinking critically from many vantage points before making a life-changing decision.  PATIENCE is acquired only by practice.  None of us are born PATIENT.   PATIENCE is important to you because one day you will need others 

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