Tuesday, September 9, 2014




EXQUISITE is a word that defines something beautiful beyond the ordinary.  To have EXQUISITE taste speaks to your ability to discern what is quality and refined over ordinary and normal.  I dropped by a cancer treatment center recently and found the grounds, the water feature, the art and the ambiance to be EXQUISITE.  This setting took one out of the ordinary treatment center of all the same reception room chairs, terrible TV, ugly paint, and old magazines to a whole new level of EXQUISITE.   Everything about this place spoke to an ambiance of care, nurture, and hope.  Given this example, I invite you to take a walk through your home and choose a room or a space in a room and give yourself permission to make this space EXQUISITE.   Make this ordinary or perhaps even dingy space into one that transforms the energy into an EXQUISITE space of nurturance and hope.  Make it into a space that dazzles your senses, allows you to take a deep breath and smile when you walk into the space, by choosing paint, light, art, and design that makes this space into a space you want to be in.  If this is too much of a project for you, then take a trip through a wonderful recipe book and prepare an EXQUISITE dinner that is served with all of the ambiance of color, light, and EXQUISITE table settings.  You deserve to brighten your surroundings from the ordinary to the EXQUISITE.  Guaranteed to boost your mood. 

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